Cerec Galileos IntegrationOur goal is to provide you with the information, care and follow-through needed to allow you to get healthy and stay healthy for the long term.

Make no mistake, dental care is healthcare. Oral health directly affects overall health and neglecting your oral wellbeing can have serious health implications. From simply being able to chew healthy food to the the ravages of uncontrolled diabetes and how you present yourself to the world, oral health matters to you and our dentists.

Information counts! For this reason, Drs. Mark DiRe and Marcus Flynn use digital 3D CT X-ray imagery with Galileos cone beam imaging to provide more accurate diagnoses. You will see what we see through digital photographs and X-rays on large monitors.

Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)
Are cavities really as inevitable as death and taxes? Now, new evidence proves that cavities and gum disease are the result of an imbalance in the bacteria in your mouth. The result is an infection of “bad/damaging” bacteria. Our goal is to work with you to restore the balance and health of your oral cavity.