We take this seriously.

Your Comfort ChairIt starts with you being comfortable with your oral health and ensuring you experience no jaw, head or tooth pain when eating or at rest. It is our goal to help you speak and smile without odor or concerns about crooked, worn or dark and discolored teeth.

Our approach is comprehensive and innovative with you in focus at all times. We even offer tooth and jaw pain solutions, including Botox and minor bite and aesthetic corrections with digitally produced aligners and the only brightening that really works: deep bleaching.

TMJ PainDental fear is real and we take your concerns seriously. For years, we have provided painless anesthetic with STA, the latest in TV/Movie headsets with Goovis, music headphones, nitrous oxide and, when requested, conscious sedation. We invite you to get cozy with warming blankets, pillows and attention to your individual needs!