Everything that we do is to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff members. We continue to follow guidelines laid out by the ADA®, CDC and OSHA as we always have. We are also adding extra equipment and sterilization protocols to go the extra mile in making sure you are being treated in the safest manner possible.


New Protocols & Procedures:

  1. We can no longer use the reception area to seat our patients awaiting treatment. Instead, we will be asking you to call us when you arrive, and we will then call or text you when we are completely prepared for you. Please come to appointments by yourself or have other members of your party remain in the car for the duration of your appointment.
  2. You will be questioned about your health and recent travels before coming into our office.
  3. You will be greeted at the door by one of our staff members. Please wear a mask into the office. We will take your temperature, have you sanitize your hands and then escort you to a hygiene or treatment room.
  4. Once seated, you will be given a peroxide rinse to swish for one minute.
  5. We are structuring our systems so that your next appointment and your payment can be handled in the treatment room.
  6. Once treatment and clerical necessities are complete, you will be escorted to the exit with your face mask on.
  7. Another thing you will notice, everybody working in our office is wearing a mask. We will work diligently to communicate with our eyes, yet we will greatly miss giving and getting smiles.


New Equipment:

Peroxide Rinse

Sage toothette Perox-a-mint solution is used to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth as well as help fight off bacterial infections.
Air Purifier

Medify Air 2.0 air filtration units in every room using medical grade filters to remove 99.97% of particles.
Razor UV

Razor UV surface decontaminator is a high powered UVC emitter that rapidly and effectively kills surface bacteria, mold, and viruses.


If you have any questions or to schedule an appointment with our dentists in Bellevue, Washington, Drs. Mark DiRe and Marcus Flynn, please call Bellevue Dentistry today at 425-747-8052.